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Cecil Touchon es un artista que utiliza la tipografía como elemento principal en su obra, tanto en sus pinturas como utilizando la técnica del collage. from:
Art, like poetry, holds meaning, though interpretations may vary wildly between individuals.
For his Fusion series, collage artist and painter Cecil Touchon touches upon this concept by chopping up street posters to create his own language. He then plasters these black, white, blue, and red geometric forms onto canvas and as he does, the abstract shapes nearly combine to form letters, though they’re none we know. Like clouds drifting across a summer sky, these curvy modern shapes - evocative of the typefaces of the 1970s - are there to be interpreted in any number of ways depending on the lens through which you see the world. From:
Was reading Art News today and saw a beautiful advert for work by Cecil Touchon at Gilman Contemporary. Seeing those images made me want to visit His Web Site where I stumbled across these two great examples of his oeuvre. The work on the left (fs2142) is a 9"x 6" collage on paper; on the right (pdp289), a 54"x 36" (diptych) acrylic painting on canvas. Quite obviously his collages inform his paintings. After reading some Statements and press Releases, searching for a short explanation of his oeuvre, it seemed that comparing these two works would best sum up the mechanics of his visual poetry. His compositions are always splendid, the collages are amazing and then when he adds the trompe l’oeil effect to the paintings - well you really must treat yourself and visit his site.
Now and then I pat myself on the back when I find a prestigious gallery that has several artists that I like and follow, in their stable. In this case they are Alex Couwenberg, John Dempcy, Bernd Haussmann and of course Cecil. Gilman's whole line-up is a great mix of good artists that are well worth your time. from:
I will be published in an upcoming book titled "Collage" Masters" that will be released in early 2010 from Lark Books. In my research I found that Cecil Touchon will also be in that book. I am a huge fan of his work. Touchon makes abstract, non objective collage and paintings. His work references type from old advertising posters but is transformed into abstract geometric planes. I am attracted to his bold, stark color and strong compositions.
cecil touchon est un artiste américain multidisciplinaire. ses collages ont attiré mon attention pour son utilisation typographique.
son site principal contient déjà plusieurs sections/oeuvres et à partir de là, on se rend vers d'autres sites : photos, blog, laboratoire fluxux, etc. c'est un peu difficile de s'y retrouver, mais ça vaut le coup d'oeil.
il écrit brièvement sur lui ici. ça aussi, c'est intéressant à lire. il a voulu être un artiste lors de la visite d'un artiste dans son école primaire. et il réussit à en vivre depuis plusieurs années. From:

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