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I have been working with Michael Jacobson of Post-Asemic Press to create a new book to be published later this summer called the Cecil Touchon Asemic Reader, The Asemic Reader will contain a significant number of Asemic Writing works as well as my typographic collages spanning back to the 1970’s. Asemic writing refers to a style of art/poetry that has no semantic content but rather is a form of abstraction resembling forms of writing or literary forms.

Jacobson has said…

The forms that asemic writing may take are many, but its main trait is its resemblance to ‘traditional’ writing—with the distinction of its abandonment of specific semantics, syntax, and communication. Asemic writing offers meaning by way of aesthetic intuition, and not by verbal expression. It often appears as abstract calligraphy, or as a drawing which resembles writing but avoids words, or if it does have words, the words are generally damaged beyond the point of legibility. One of the main ways to experience an asemic work is as unreadable, but still attractive to the eye. My point is that—without words, asemic writing is able to relate to all words, colors, and even music, irrespective of the author or the reader’s original languages; not all emotions can be expressed with words, and so asemic writing attempts to fill in the void.

see: http://postasemicpress.blogspot.com/ to find out when the book is published. It will be accompanied by a number of writings by writers including Peter Schwenger and Federico Federici.

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