Cecil Touchon Catalogs

This first group of catalogs are the catalog raisonne of all works and art related events for the year mentioned and are arranged in chronological order.

2010 Catalog of Works
2011 Catalog of Works
2012 Catalog of Works
2013 Catalog of Works
2014 Catalog of Works
2015 Catalog of Works
2016 Catalog of Works
2017 Catalog of Works
In a Broken Tongue exhibition catalog
The Art of Collage selected works from 2004-2009

Poetry Books by Cecil Touchon

Markov Suit Shake
Ternishu and Other Poems
Happy Shopping
Massurrealist Collage Poetry
In an Agitated Voice

More Books by Cecil Touchon

The Spam Poetry Game (anthology)
On the Mysterious Nature of Post Dogmatism
The Cut and Paste Poets (anthology)
The Neoist Manifesto
Dada Centennial: Day of the Dead (exhibition Catalog)
Fluxface in Space (Exhibition Catalog)
Fluxhibition #4 (Exhibition Catalog)
New and Improved Fluxus Fluxhibition #2 (exhibition Catalog)
Fluxus Event Scores
Natureal Born Fluxus (anthology)

Anthologies that feature Cecil Touchon

Bright: Typography between Illustration & Art
The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008
The Art of Found Objects: : Interviews with Texas Artists
Masters of Collage
The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century
An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting
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