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The Word from the Studio

New Painting in the studio

Post Dogmatist Painting #1105 – 2020 – 60 x 84 inches – acrylic over paper on canvas In the case of many professional artists, many

Art and Text Exhibition

This exhibition will take place from November 1 through December 19, 2019 at the Ridgefield Library. This Art & Text show will take place simultaneously

When did Cecil Touchon Die?

When doing a search for ‘Cecil Touchon’ on google I noticed that one of the suggested search terms from google is “when did Cecil Touchon

Drawings from 1975

This year we are working on digitizing all of my work all the way back to 1975 when I was first in college in Saint

New Works by Cecil Touchon at Canfin Gallery

“New Works” at Canfin Gallery in Tarrytown, New York January 26 — February 17, 2019 – New paintings and collages by Cecil Touchon on canvas on view. Installation shot of

Everybody’s Fine (2009) Movie

Everybody’s Fine (2009) Movie A couple of my paintings were used in the filming of the movie: Everybody’s Fine (2009) in the guest bedroom and

Interview in Artscope Magazine | 2014 |

Interview in Artscope Magazine Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014, 2:56 pm Cecil Touchon now exhibiting at Lanoue Fine Art in Boston. Cecil Touchon fits into a

Magazines and Blogs

Luxe Magazine | NYC edition | May 2018 Luxe Magazine | New York-based designer Bella Mancini 2007 ELLE Decor Elle Decor | Watermill Interior in

Sears Peyton Gallery | NYC | LA

Sears Peyton Gallery 210 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 802 (between 24th + 25th Streets) | New York, NY 10001 | Phone: 212.966.7469 | | Email: “Sears-Peyton represents the work

Nuart Gallery | Santa Fe, NM

Nuart Gallery – 670 Canyon Road Santa Fe, New Mexico | Established at the beginning of the 21st Century, Nüart Gallery’s mission has always been to

IN A BROKEN TONGUE [exhibition]

IN A BROKEN TONGUE | 24 MAY – 9 JUNE 2013 | Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico Cecil Touchon is internationally renowned for abstractions that are

‘Beyond Words’ 2015 Exhibition at WCCA in Fort Worth, Texas

Beyond Words, an exhibition of new painting and collage works by Cecil Touchon, will exhibit the latest work from Touchon’s ongoing exploration of typographic abstraction, wherein pre-existing letter forms are deconstructed and extemporaneously re-assembled to create what the artist calls a “chance aesthetic.”

Andrea Verrocchio - Head of a Woman drawing, British Museum

Light and Shadow

The use of both space and light are, for me, primarily theoretical and utilitarian as mentioned above so I am not too concerned with realism or accuracy or, for that matter, consistency.

Photo of an American Flag put through a digital filter

Fake News [collage poetry]

So let me get this right.
My reaction was instinctive,
I’m sick of the #FakeNews.
Time to do my part to get out the TRUTH!