When doing a search for ‘Cecil Touchon’ on google I noticed that one of the suggested search terms from google is “when did Cecil Touchon die?”. Being Cecil Touchon who, as far as I can tell, is still alive and currently writing this post, it is an amusing suggested search term to come across. It makes me wonder why anyone would be asking such a question.

I have to say that, my wife had assumed George Benson has been dead for many years. She had read somewhere years ago that George Benson died and then I said “when did he die?”. So just this week, we looked up George Benson and low and behold, George Benson is alive and well and on tour in Australia.

So clearly, right in our own house, we might be living according to misinformation. My wife was confused why she thought differently but very happy to know that George Benson is actually alive. She loves George Benson’s music. Watching him in concert on youtube, he looks really great. Has George Benson been making anything new? I have no idea. In the internet era we no longer listen to a regular radio station that might help us be aware of new music coming out by a wide variety of musicians so I have no idea what George Benson has been up to since making the classic works we all love like “On Broadway”.

Famous people, people we have heard of, are aware of, are really just ghosts wandering around in the background of our own minds. We don’t know them, never met them, never spent any time talking to them, they don’t know us, but some how they all populate some small place in background of our minds. I think that is interesting.

The problem with most visual artists compared to movie actors or music stars is that if they are famous to somebody they usually don’t know about it. Most artists live quiet, private lives and are usually too busy in their studios to keep up with what others are doing or thinking about.

Anyway, if it is students who are being asked to do some sort of research paper on me: ‘Cecil Touchon’ then rest assured, as of the moment of this post, Cecil Touchon’s story is not over just yet and the question ‘When did Cecil Touchon die’ does not yet have a date. I am in my 60s so I am thinking about ‘the end’ and what things I still need to wrap up or go see before my exit. I am hoping I still have 20+ years to work on stuff but of course one never knows.

So, if you are a student needing info of some sort, feel free to send me an email and ask questions and even get an exclusive quote if you need one! Grade school kids in various countries have had my techniques used as a class art project and several college students working on their masters or doctorate have contacted me in the past and I am always happy to help.

At my age I am realizing I could have met Pablo Picasso since he didn’t die until I was a junior in high school if that was of burning interest to me. But for some reason I have always been happy just knowing them through their work.

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