Silent Witnesses for Péter Forgács[collage poetry] Wednesday, May 16, 2018

…and I saw the scissors.
at the edge of the unthinkable
giving a certain emotional meaning which never existed before
and it’s very hard to feel how long an image should last
and put it together in [the] mind.

We have a lot of information.
95% is irrational, emotional, subconscious information.
We are selective.

So it was about “nothing”.
That’s why it’s disturbing;
about fire, skin, hair, touch, and body.
And it was quite difficult to create anything from them.
Hair is being cut in the photograph.
townspeople casually witness the incident.
shocking in its banality.
when I watched it,
I hired someone who reads lips
It’s a part of a bad dream.

medieval punishment is repeated again and again.
the same aggression and punishment.
the humiliation is always the same.
There is no justice.

And then we are apart.
send a message from somewhere else;
a distance from the present time
not an easy process.

People are always trying to explain their actions.

I love those old clothes.
the different ways they wear their hair.
silent witnesses of the past
And of course, the machines…

snippets taken from: Meanwhile Somewhere: A conversation with Péter Forgács- Deirdre Boyle

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