IN A BROKEN TONGUE | 24 MAY – 9 JUNE 2013 | Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cecil Touchon is internationally renowned for abstractions that are based upon typography.   Using the techniques of collage, he reassembles letter fonts from billboards into pure abstractions that transform verbal language into a form of visual architecture.

In this solo exhibition, Cecil Touchon continues to develop paintings based upon collage work.   Sometimes the edges of the letters are perceptible, but most often they are simply lyrical shapes.  By inverting the relationship between font and form, he demonstrates that visual abstraction can point to meanings that are deeper than mere words.

Cecil Touchon, was born in Austin, Texas. His artistic inspiration was ignited early and explored throughout his childhood and into his young adulthood.  He received his BFA from the University of Texas at Arlington. Throughout his career which spans over 30 years, Touchon has been collected world wide and figures prominently in the Massurrealism movement and is a founding member of the 1987 Post- Dogmatist Group. He is associated and respected among  the Art Mail and Fluxus communities.

See exhibition page at Nuart Gallery


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